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Waterfall Chart

A Waterfall Chart is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools for Web Performance Optimization.
Waterfall Chart

A waterfall chart can do the following:

  • List the order of each Request on the Web Page
  • Display the timings & performance of each resource
  • Display the Request & Response Headers
  • Help find performance bottlenecks
  • Allows an in-depth visualization of the website's resources

and a lot more!

⚡️ SpeedVitals Waterfall Chart has a modern, clean, and minimal design.

The Waterfall Chart also has Search & Sorting features that can help you quickly discover a particular request.

If you have at the bar on timeline, you'll find various important timings such as:

  • Blocking Time: Time taken by the request in the browser's queue waiting to be executed
  • DNS Lookup: Time taken to resolve the DNS of hostname
  • Connecting: Time taken by the TCP Connection between server and browser
  • Sending: Time taken by browser to send the request
  • Waiting: Time taken by the server to respond to a request (Server Response Time)
  • Receiving: Time taken by browser to download the response