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Test Summary

You'll find the Test Summary Section at the top of the Performance Report. This section gives an overview of the test results and the test configuration.
SpeedVitals Test Summary

In this section, you can also see the Screenshot of the Page Tested. The screenshot will be equivalent to the viewport of the device selected for the test.

Next to the heading that says "SpeedVitals Performance Report", you'll find a button to run the test again with the current settings. The Retest button can be identified using the curved arrow icon.

You'll also find the Time and Date at which the test was performed in your own Time Zone.

Just below that, you'll find the URL of the Tested Page and the basic configuration used for the test.

At last, we have the test results table that highlights all the important test metrics. The text color of the scores represents the following:

  • 🟢 Green: Good
  • 🟠 Orange: Needs Improvement
  • 🔴 Red: Poor

SpeedVitals also has a grading system to categorize the total score. Here's the co-relation between the grade and the score:

  • 🟢 A : Above 90%
  • 🟠 B : Between 70% and 90%
  • 🟠 C : Between 50% and 70%
  • 🔴 D : Between 30% and 50%
  • 🔴 E : Below 30%