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⚡️ Welcome to SpeedVitals Docs!

SpeedVitals is going to make your Website lightning fast!

This guide will help you learn to use SpeedVitals more effectively, learn speed optimization techniques and debug issues that could occur while using this tool.

Getting Started

To start a Web Performance test, head over to

Enter a URL of any Web Page in the URL Field and Press the Button to start the Performance Test.

How to use this Guide

This guide is divided into various different sections such as How to Use SpeedVitals, learning about Web Vitals, and making your website faster.

You can choose any Section from the Sidebar on the left side. Each section is further divided into multiple sub-sections.

If you need help with anything not covered in this guide or need to report a bug, please contact us here.

Have a great Performance Optimization Journey! ⚡️