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⚡️ SpeedVitals TTFB Test is used to measure the Server Response Time of a web page (or resource) from various different locations across the globe.

The full form of TTFB is Time to First Byte. TTFB is equal to the time taken by the client (browser) to receive the first byte of data from a web server.

To measure the server response time of your website, you can visit the TTFB Test Page.
SpeedVitals TTFB Test Screenshot

Entering Test URL

In the URL field, enter a Website or Resource URL (CSS/JavaScript/Image) that you want to test. The color of the URL input field will turn green if the URL is valid.

If the URL field is red, double check if the URL is correct. The best way to obtain the correct URL is to visit the desired website and copy the URL from Browser's address bar.


It is recommended to enter the Full Website URL along with the protocol (HTTPS or HTTP) to prevent redirection If there's a redirection, you'll see a 3XX series Status Code in the Report.

Choosing Test Regions

The TTFB Test can be performed from 3 different regions:

  • Europe
  • America
  • Asia Pacific & Africa

Any combination of these regions can be selected for a test including all three regions at the same time.

Starting the Test
SpeedVitals Test Button

Once you've entered the URL and selected the test region, click the ➜ Button to start the TTFB Test.


If you use a CDN, run the test multiple times to obtain accurate results as it ensures that you're being served the cached version.

Test Results

For each selected region, you will find a result table with various values such as Status Code, DNS Lookup Time, TCP Connect Time, TLS Handshake, and Time to First Byte (TTFB).
TTFB Result Screenshot

You can also press the ➕ Plus Button to view the response headers. At the end of each table, you'll find the average TTFB of each region.

At last, you can see the aggregate results of all regions combined. You can also refer to the FAQ Section on TTFB Test Page to learn more.