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System Requirements

To use ⚡️ SpeedVitals, you need to be on a modern browser that supports latest technologies. This is necessary in order to ensure that SpeedVitals loads lightning fast and the user experience is exceptional.

We will support every version of three major Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) for at least three years after their release.

Unsupported Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (All versions)

We do not support any version of Internet Explorer as it lacks multiple features necessary to run SpeedVitals.

Minimum Requirement

These are the minimum versions to ensure that ⚡️ SpeedVitals works as expected and there are no glitches in the UI.

  • Mozilla Firefox v60 (Released: May 2018)
  • Google Chrome v57 (Released: March 2017)
  • Safari Desktop v11.1 (Released: March 2018)
  • Safari Mobile v11.1 (Released: October 2017)
  • Microsoft Edge Legacy v18 (Released: November 2018)
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium v79 (Released: January 2020)
  • Opera v44 (Released: March 2017)
  • Brave v0.56.14 (Released: November 2018)
  • All other Chromium Browsers using Blink Engine 57 and above

While we do not officially support other Chromium & Webkit based browsers, they mightly likely work if they keep their engines updated.

For the best performance and user experience, we recommend using the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome v80 or newer
  • Microsoft Edge v80 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox v80 or newer
  • Safari v14 or newer
  • Brave v1.2.43 or newer

To get the best experience, we highly recommend keeping your browser up to date.