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⚡️ SpeedVitals offers various different device configurations in order simulate the specification of various real-world devices.

Each Device Configuration has its own Performance Throttling, Network Throttling, and Screen Size.


⚡️ SpeedVitals doesn't perform the test on an actual device. We simulate their screen size, performance, and network capabilities. This behaviour is similar to Google PageSpeed Insights.

Here's the configuration of all devices available:

Device NameTypeScreen SizeScale FactorNetwork
Mobile (Moto G4)Mobile360 x 6402.625Slow 4G
Standard DesktopDesktop1350 x 9401.0Broadband Dense 4G
MacBook Air (2020)Laptop1440 x 9002.0Wi-Fi Fast
High-End LaptopLaptop1920 x 10801.0Wi-Fi Fast
iPad 10.2Tablet810 x 10802.0Wi-Fi (20 Mbps)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7Tablet800 x 12802.0Wi-Fi (20 Mbps)
iPhone 13 Pro MaxMobile428 x 9263.04G LTE (20 Mbps)
iPhone 11Mobile414 x 8962.04G LTE (10 Mbps)
Samsung Galaxy S10+Mobile412 x 8693.54G LTE (8 Mbps)
Redmi Note 8 ProMobile393 x 8512.754G (3 Mbps)
iPhone 7Mobile375 x 6672.04G (2 Mbps)
Samsung Galaxy A50Mobile412 x 8922.6254G (2 Mbps)
Samsung Galaxy J8Mobile360 x 7402.03G (1.8 Mbps)
Motorola Moto G5Mobile360 x 6403.03G (1.6 Mbps)
Redmi 5AMobile360 x 6402.03G (0.6 Mbps)

We have also calibrated the CPU Throttling of devices with respect to the performance of the actual device and our server hardware.

The network connectivity is selected in a such a way that it matches with the internet connectivity of average user running that specific device based on demographics and economic factors.


As to the difference in device resolutions, your website may have a different LCP & CLS Elements for real-world devices. To discover all the different LCP & CLS Elements in Lab Testing, we recommend testing with ⚡️ Multi-Device Batch Test.