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In the Test Configuration, it is also possible to set up 🍪 Cookies.

🍪 Cookies can be used for authentication as well as to toggle various settings on a website such as Dark Mode.

You can access the Cookies Text Box by clicking the ⚙️ More Options Button.

The cookies need to be entered in name=value format. Only enter one cookie per line and a maximum of 10 cookies per test.

Here are some examples:

Session Cookie
Entering Multiple Cookies

Make sure you only enter One URL Per Line. Press the Enter/Return Key to go to the next line. You can enter a maximum of 10 URLs in this field.

The details you enter here will not be stored in our servers, and you'll need to enter every single time when performing the test (including pressing the retest button).

For security purpose, the Cookie Details will also be stripped from the results page.