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Ad Blocking

Online Advertisements are some of the biggest challenges for Web Performance. They can not only hamper the loading speed, but also cause layout shifts as their size can be dynamic.

To tackle this issue, ⚡️ SpeedVitals can help you measure the impact of Advertisements with the Ad Blocking Option.

You can access the Ad Blocking Toggle by clicking the ⚙️ More Options button on the test page.

The Ad Blocking on ⚡️ SpeedVitals is powered by the uBlock Origin Extension.
ublock Origin

uBlock Origin is an Open-Source and extremely lightweight Ad-Blocker that ensures there is negligible to zero impact on the Performance Test.


uBlock Origin also blocks various tracking scripts such as Google Analytics.

You can learn more about uBlock Origin on their Github Page.

An Ad-Blocker can also make performance testing easier as Blocking Ads will likely make your Performance Scores more consistent, and you'll know what exactly you need to work on first.


⚡️ SpeedVitals recommends delaying loading of Ads until User Interaction for best performance. Learn how to Delay JavaScript Loading & Execution from here.

Alternatively, you can defer loading of Ad Scripts, and we also recommend reserving space for Ads to prevent layout shifts.