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Free Usage Limits

⚡️ SpeedVitals has a free usage limit on different features. We have assigned free Credits for both Web Vitals and TTFB Tests that replenish every week.

Our Web Vitals Credits include both Single Web Vitals Test as well as Batch Test.


Credits will not get deducted in case a test fails.

Credit Costs for Different Tools

Tool NameCredit Cost
Web Vitals Single Test1
Web Vitals Batch Test1 x As many individual tests run in Batch
TTFB Test1 per region

If you run the TTFB Test on all 3 regions (Asia Pacific & Africa, America, and Europe), it will cost 3 credits.

Web Vitals Batch Test on 10 Devices will cost 10 Credits. Similarly, Web Vitals Batch Test on 15 Locations will cost 15 Credits. Multi-URL test will consume credits equal to the number of URLs entered.

Usage Limits

Tool NameFree CreditsRefill Time
Web Vitals Test (Both Single & Batch)751 Week
TTFB Test751 Week
Monitoring1 Slot-